Business Liability: Slips and Falls

Slips and falls account for a significant number of injuries to customers and employees every year. The causes of slip and fall accidents are varied, ranging from wet or greasy floors, clutter, and debris, to uneven surfaces, improper cleaning, lack of hazard identification, and – in a small number of … Read More

Insurance for Your Business

Insurance Premium Audit FAQs

As your business policy term ends, you may receive a communication about a required process called a premium audit. You might think the word “audit” sounds like you made an error or that you missed a deadline. Actually the premium audit is a standard insurance practice that makes sure the … Read More

Make Sure to Secure Your Load

All too often you’re driving down the road and boom! You see something that has fallen from an open-bed vehicle in front of you and you need to make a sudden, evasive maneuver to avoid debris. Or maybe there is nowhere for you to go and you have no choice … Read More

Exit Drills in the Home (EDITH)

It’s the middle of the night and you are sound asleep. Suddenly you awake to the sound of smoke alarms in your house going off. It’s dark, but you can see that the house is filling with smoke. According to fire experts, you have about two minutes to get out … Read More

What To Do After a Car Accident

Knowing what to do after a car accident is important for any driver on the road. There are important steps to follow to protect yourself and ensure a smoother claims process. Remember these dos and don’ts and you’ll handle the situation more calmly and with a clear head:

DO Call Read More

Crop Insurance Deadlines for 2017

From unexpected natural disasters to major economic changes in the marketplace, there are many risks associated with the agricultural industry. That’s why determining your 2017 crop insurance protection is an important decision, and one that needs to be made and submitted on time. We’re here to help you collect the … Read More

We’re Rewarding Your Referrals in 2017

The team at TCI Insurance is proud to receive referrals from our clients and partners. A referral from you is the greatest compliment our business can receive. In an effort to pay it forward, we have committed to donating $5 to a local, charitable organization for every referral we receive. … Read More