Our insurance advisors are here to handle your crop and farm protection needs, providing experience and expertise that comes from many years in the agricultural industry.

TCI insurance advisors understand that your farm benefits the entire community and beyond, so it needs to be handled with optimal protection and consideration. You can be assured that our insurance advisors have mastered this task.


From unexpected natural disasters, like flooding or hail, to major economic changes in the marketplace, there are many risks associated with the agricultural industry. With the right crop insurance coverage, you can protect your business and keep afloat through all of the difficult times.


Damage to the physical structures on your farm can be devastating. Property insurance coverage can help pay for the accidental loss of property used for farming purposes due to a variety of perils such as fires, roof collapse from snow load, and some natural disasters.


Farmers are subject to a higher risk of liability than other property owners due to the operation of equipment or machinery, and the unpredictability of farm animals. A farm liability policy can protect you from injury or damage claims, medical expenses, and legal expenses.

Workers Compensation

If you are a farmer and you have employees, especially if you employ your relatives, it is definitely worth considering workers comp for your operation. Farm employment is dangerous and all employees are important, valuable and key to successful farming today.


From livestock to equipment, we can help you protect whatever you need on your farm. Contact a TCI agent today to discuss the options available and find the coverage that’s right for you.