No matter the size of your business, having insurance protection is important. Our team of business insurance specialists is here to assess your risk, create a plan, and tailor your insurance coverage so you feel confident and secure in knowing your business is protected.

And they don’t stop there – the team will also conduct an annual review of your coverage, making policy adjustment recommendations as needed as your business risks change.

Business Owners Policy (BOP)

Certain businesses can qualify for a business owners policy where you combine coverages like property and liability into one convenient package, depending on your operations and level of risk.


Ensure that not only your building is protected, but also the personal property of your business. Accidents do happen and commercial property insurance can help protect your business from a major financial loss. We can walk you through the basics of property insurance and help you ensure that your property is adequately insured.

General Liability

If your business is sued or held legally responsible in the event of bodily injury or damage, commercial general liability can help cover the costs. With the proper policy, you can have most medical expenses, attorney fees, settlements, and reimbursements covered.

Business Auto

Ensure that your vehicles, products, and drivers are insured in the event of property or vehicle damage, bodily injury, legal costs, and more. Your commercial auto insurance policy can provide peace of mind while your business is on the road.

Workers Compensation

Keep your employs protected with a workers compensation policy that covers expenses if an employee is injured from a work-related accident. Without a workers compensation policy, serious injuries that occur on the job could lead to an expensive lawsuit.


Why does your business need crime insurance? Unfortunately, crime and employee dishonesty can happen at any business. We can help your business develop a plan that keeps your assets protected in the event of a specific circumstance like robbery or burglary, computer fraud, employee dishonesty, theft of business property, or forgery.

Professional Liability

Prevent mistakes and errors from becoming major losses for your business with a professional liability policy. Your day-to-day operations will be protected should your business be held legally liable for an incident or error.

Cyber Liability

Everyday we grow more dependent on computer based technology to keep our businesses running efficiently. But what happens when hacking or human error make you liable for exposing your clients’ private information? How will you handle the PR nightmare, damage to your organizations’ reputation, and loss of your clients’ trust?


A commercial umbrella policy will provide your business with additional coverage should a lawsuit or major accident exceed the limits of your existing business liability policies.

Employment Practices Liability (EPL)

Did you know there are more than a dozen types of “wrongful acts” that an employee can make a claim for against their employer? These may include sexual harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, etc. While none of these will be covered by your business’ liability policies, an employment practices liability policy can protect your business against these types of claims.

Business Interruption Insurance

No one expects disaster to strike their business. Luckily, there is Business Interruption Insurance. Coverage provides resources that aid your business in recovery and can help get your company back on its feet quickly after a fire, tornado, or other disaster.

Life Insurance

When a person dies unexpectedly, the loss of life often has repercussions beyond just immediate family. This is especially true if the individual was a business owner or a key member of a company. Protect the business you’ve worked hard to build and grow with life.