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Create Your Home Inventory

If you were asked right now to list the contents of your home, along with the value, would you be able to remember everything? Most of us cannot, especially if we are asked to do so after we experience the stress of a loss. This is where a Home … Read More

Insurance Coverage for the College-Bound

Heading off to college is a big adventure, and the last thing most parents and students want to worry about is insurance. But taking the time to review the kinds of insurance a student should have can pay off in the long run, ensuring that the student is properly covered.… Read More

Insurance for the Newly Grown Up

We often hear young adults say that they feel “all grown up” once they need to obtain their own insurance policies. But these new grown ups have a lot of questions about insurance… Who needs it? What it covers? Where you get it? … And it’s important to get these … Read More

The Case of the Uninsured College Renter

Many young people who graduated from high school this past spring will be moving out of their parent’s home, college-bound. Some will be living on campus while others may choose to rent off campus.

Over 70% of young people living on their own do not have any renters insurance (though … Read More