TCI’s 2016 Referral Contest

Get rewarded for telling your friends, family, and associates about TCI Insurance! Anyone referring an individual or business to TCI is automatically entered into our referral contest where you could potentially win one of four $50 gift cards to the retailer or restaurant of your choice. Here are the dates and winners for each quarterly drawing:

  • Mar 31 – Jon Golberg
  • Jun 30 – Patrick Wolf
  • Sept 30 – LuAnn White
  • Dec 30 – Jim Small

TCI’s Referral Contest is open to any person referring a prospect to TCI. Referrer does not have to be a TCI client, nor does the referral have to become a client for the referring party to be entered in the drawing. Plus, for every referral, a $5 charitable donation will be made.

There is no limit to the number of entries you can create for yourself and your entries will remain in the bowl for the duration of the contest. However, due to ND insurance laws, each individual is only eligible to win once per year.

Thanks to everyone who has already graciously referred their family, friends and associates to our agency!

Jon Golberg Rick Prigelmeier Kevin Werre
Kristin Sevald Jim Small Patrick Wolf
Judy Schlecht Peggy Isakson Cindy Bosak
LuAnn White Timothy Day Kim & Shelley Kappes
Gregg Cascaes Karena Carlson Ina Parr
Lindsey Gunderson Cynde Pokrzywinski Tim Brewster
Marvin & Meri Weiler Dennis Lindahl Jeff & Cindy Pflugrath
Dawn McGillis Chad Skarperud Lora Miller
Althea Boom Jon Norberg Mindy Argall
Dale Faust Chad Williams Cole Conley
Samantha Bahtijar Jacquelyn Milbrath Dwight Hofland
Vivian Thingelstad Monica Sabit Ranea Johnson
Lori Funfar Kelly Linster Monica Sabit
Janelle Wavra Calvin Ova Todd Bachmeier
Joelle Staller Alan Cassezza Rodgers Inc
Darren Klinger Bill Short Alan Geist
Yan Liu Rolland Porter Alonna Norberg
Matt De Vries