Crop Insurance Deadlines for 2017

From unexpected natural disasters to major economic changes in the marketplace, there are many risks associated with the agricultural industry. That’s why determining your 2017 crop insurance protection is an important decision, and one that needs to be made and submitted on time. We’re here to help you collect the information you need to meet these current year deadlines.

Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI)CornSoybeansWheat
Projected Price Announced Mar 5 Mar 5 Mar 5
2017 Enrollment/Change Deadline Mar 15 Mar 15 Mar 15
Production History Deadline Apr 29 Apr 29 Apr 29
Acreage Report Deadline Jul 15 Jul 15 Jul 15
Premium Billing Date Aug 15 Aug 15 Aug 15
Premium Payments Due Oct 1 Oct 1 Oct 1
Harvest Price Announced Nov 5 Nov 5 Sep 5
MPD (Multiple Price Discovery) DeadlinesNov 15
Dec 15
Nov 15
Dec 15
MP (Margin Protection) Deadline Sep 30


Crop-Hail Insurance

Crop-hail insurance is different than MPCI because it is not part of the federal crop insurance program. Instead, private crop insurance companies sell these policies, and the premiums are not subsidized. Unlike MPCI, farmers may purchase a crop-hail policy at any time during the growing season. See the table below for hail policy premium deadlines by insurance company.

Crop-Hail Insurance
Farmers Mutual Hail premium due byTBD
NAU premium due byTBD

For more information about crop insurance, contact our experienced TCI agents.