How Much Will You Spend in Your Lifetime on Car Insurance?

According to data gathered by, over a lifetime of driving — age 16 to 78 — the average person will spend about $94,000 on insurance. The analysis included nearly 200,000 car insurance quotes for drivers with all kinds of claims, driving and credit histories.

Some costs are fixed into your lifetime of car insurance and you have little-to-no control over them. You will pay more when you are young. You will pay more if you continue to drive when you are very old. Where you live makes a difference. Laws vary significantly state to state, plus insurance companies look at claims in your neighborhood as they price your coverage.

Ultimately, though, the choices you make as a driver and consumer shape your insurance destiny the most.

Driving safely, getting few tickets, being involved in few accidents, and maintaining a solid credit history over your lifetime will have a big effect on the amount you pay for your car insurance. Bad drivers pay a penalty for their behavior. Get a ticket every three years and you will pay more. Maintain good credit, on the other hand, and save as much as $22,000 over your insurance lifetime as almost every insurance company currently uses credit-based insurance scores.

The bottom line: How much you pay over your lifetime for car insurance is largely determined by you!

Source: MSN Money