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Business Liability: Slips and Falls

Slips and falls account for a significant number of injuries to customers and employees every year. The causes of slip and fall accidents are varied, ranging from wet or greasy floors, clutter, and debris, to uneven surfaces, improper cleaning, lack of hazard identification, and – in a small number of … Read More

Agent Q&A: Personal Umbrella Policies

What is an umbrella policy? How does it work? Who needs one, and why?… Erik Opdahl, a TCI Insurance Agent with over seven years of industry experience, explains the what, how, who and why in this Agent Q&A…

Q. How does a personal umbrella policy work? What does it cover?Read More

Why You Need Umbrella Insurance

Imagine this… you’re driving home after a hectic work week, looking forward to a relaxing weekend with your family. You are just a few blocks from home when your cellphone rings. You glance down to see who is calling. That split-second distraction is all it takes for you to miss … Read More